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Black&Callow Ltd
80 Coleman Street
London EC2R 5BJ

+44 (0)20 3794 1720

Our aim is to provide practical advice, assistance & the flexibility to execute Part VII Transfers, Run-Off & Legacy communications easily and cost-efficiently.

  • Established 125 years ago, we are a global market-leader in financial printing, distribution & online investor services
  • Unrivalled experience in Mergers and Acquisitions, specialising in Part VII Transfers, Run-Off & Legacy communications
  • Highly experienced team – largest & most complex global corporate actions
  • 24/7 fast turnaround, confidential & secure operations in central London
  • Unrivalled typesetting, production, mailing and comfortable in-house drafting facilities
  • Broadest range of services from planning through execution and post-completion
  • Accredited by the Institute of Customer Services as providing World Class Service


Unrivalled Part VII Transfer & Insurance industry experience

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Please emailĀ us at london@blackandcallow.com or call us on +44 (0) 20 3794 1720